Class Descriptions

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Acrobatics focuses on proper tumbling technique for dancers to integrate into dance choreography and movement. At each level, students will work at their own pace to build strength and flexibility through progression based learning. Each student will learn how to safely and accurately execute each movement to be seamlessly incorporated into various forms of dance and choreography.


Kick It Up uses a mixture of Vaganova, Cecchetti and R.A.D (Royal Academy of Dance) techniques so that children, teens and adults are well versed in different ballet styles and formats. Classes include stretching, ballet barre, across the floor, center work and variations for classical ballets.

Ballet/Tap Combo

Combo classes ‘combine’ the best of both worlds – ballet and tap – for children to learn and have fun in class. Ballet focuses on improving flexibility, grace and poise while tap helps to improve rhythm, timing and coordination. In addition to basic steps, children also work on patterns and learn new routines.


Contemporary dance is a genre of dance that incorporates ballet technique with the idiosyncrasies of jazz. This type of dance really allows the dancer to take risk while exploring the freedom of movement.. It is conceptual style of dance that works with the technique of the dance genres involved.

Dance Team

The Kick It Up Dance Teams perform during the Spring season at various locations throughout Southern California, such as Staples Center, Home Depot Center, Honda Center, Galeon Center, The Pyramid, Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, OC Fair and more. The style of the dance teams is performance jazz, hip hop or tap, and we offer 4 levels based on age and ability. Auditions are held annually in September with a year commitment through July.

Hip Hop

Our hip hop classes cover different styles of hip hop, such as popping, tutting, jerking, etc, but our main focus is getting our students moving and enjoying this popular style of dance. Routines are created to popular music each class and similar to those seen in music videos. In addition to routine-work, students also work on creating their own style through different movement and stylization approaches. All music and moves used in class are ‘clean’ and age appropriate.


Covering the forms of Tahitian, Hawaiian and Samoan dance, our Hula classes cover a variety of different techniques and styles used throughout the various islands. Class includes basic step technique, traditional routines as well as the use of implements (such as poi balls).

Intro To Dance

Intro to Dance is geared towards developing the love of dance in 3-4 year old dancers. This 45 minute class includes both ballet and tap dancing and makes it fun!


Combining traditional and modern elements, jazz incorporates the elements of ballet and hip hop to create movement and routines set to upbeat tempo music, giving dancers a strong technical foundation. Classes include warm up and stretch, core strengthening exercises, technique conditioning and routine work.


Lyrical dance is a fusion of ballet with jazz and contemporary dance techniques. Lyrical dance style has its primary basis in ballet, although it is typically considered a sub-category of jazz and/or contemporary dance. Lyrical dance is expressive, simultaneously subtle and dynamic, focused on conveying musicality and emotion through movement. It is a combination of intricate, highly technical, and naturalistic moves. It is commonly set to popular music with vocals.

Musical Theatre

Students will learn to sing and act! Class includes vocal warm-ups, coaching and learning Broadway-style songs, Broadway jazz style of dancing and acting techniques and games.

Dance Conditioning

Focusing on a dancer's core strength and overall leg and back flexibility, strength and flexibility incorporates strength training through resistance bands, tubing and light weights as well as mat-based elements in Pilates and Yoga to achieve the best possible exercises for dancers.  Conditioning classes do not perform in recital.


Kick It Up offers a mix of Rhythm and Broadway style tap technique to provide students with a well-rounded dance program. Rhythm tap focuses on musicality and is based off of jazz beats while Broadway tap focuses more on the actual dance itself. Students will work on different steps, various rhythm patterns and group routine work each class. In addition, children and teen students also work on improvisational movement and choreography for performance.

Parent and Me Music

A music and movement class for 2 -3 year olds, Parent and Me is a first class for most little ones. This is a parent participation class that is primarily music based with dance movement in it. Little ones learn about music, sounds, directions, but also learn cooperation, sharing, following along, poise, confidence and so much more.


Ballet Barre

Incorporate ballet and strength training into a one hour class that is designed to tone, strengthen and build muscles throughout the body. Low impact movement and light weights help to create lean muscles through traditional ballet movements.


This dance inspired, fitness workout bases itself on the exotic rhythms of Lebanon and Persia. Powerful yet graceful, Bellydance moves let class participants experience an hour of fun, energetic and exciting cardio to burn calories, increase muscle tone, improve posture, reduce stress and so much more!

Hot Hula

This is a fun, new and exciting dance workout, which isolates your larger muscle groups, increasing strength and definition to your core. Inspired by the dances of the Pacific Islands, Hot Hula incorporates traditional and new dance movements set to the Polynesian drum beats, funky Reggae music, in a 60 minute total body workout.



Aqua Zumba

Just add water... and dance!  Aqua Zumba combines the regular rhythms and beats found in your standard Zumba dance party and puts them in the water.  A great workout for everyone, but even better for people who require no impact to the body... or those who just want to make a splash!  (Call for location & schedule).


Ditch the routine, join the party! Join the millions of people that have decided having fun and working out are not mutually exclusive. Inspired by traditional Cumbia, Salsa, Samba and Merengue steps combined with pulsating Latin rhythms and top 40 music, Zumba is a dance fitness program that moves for one full hour of calorie burning fun.

Zumba Tone

Just like our standard Zumba classes, Zumba Tone incorporates in light weights and even some mat based work to keep the party extra spicy!

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