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Rates & Policies

Virtual Dance Classes - Kick it Up Dance and Fitness

Monthly Fees

1 class (per week):   $65 per month
2 classes (per week):   $110 per month
3 classes (per week):   $145 per month
4 classes (per week):   $170 per month
5 classes (per week):   $195 per month
6 classes (per week):  $220 per month

Unlimited Classes:
1 person:   $240 per month
2 people:   $375

All prices are per family, including discounts.

Annual Family Membership Pricing 
Basic Membership: $40

Premium Membership: $75

NOTE: Membership fee is charged with your first payment of tuition.

Fitness Classes Pricing
Drop-in Hourly Rate:   $15 per class
One Class Per Week for the Month:   $35 per month
Two Classes Per Week for the Month:   $70 per month
Unlimited Fitness Pass Per Person:   $90 per month

Specialty Classes
Private Dance Lesson, 1 Hour:   $60
Private Dance Lessons, 4 Hours:   $220 ($55 per lesson)
Private Dance or Vocal Lesson, 30 minutes - $30
Backyard Dance Classes, 4 45 minute lessons - $300 ($75 per lesson)

Studio PoliciesVirtual Dance Classes - Kick it Up Dance and Fitness

Fitness Class Policies
-   Please check-in at the front desk prior to class starting.
-   Wear comfortable clothing and tennis shoes to class.
-   Bring a workout towel and water... mats are needed for Ballet Barre classes







Dance Dress Code




Missed Classes
Missed classes can be made up in any class that is age and level appropriate within 30 days, so long as the dancer is still enrolled in regular classes at Kick It Up.

NOTE: We do not offer makeup classes for Lakewood Parks and Recreation students. 

All classes participate in our December and June recital, although student participation is optional.

NOTE: We do not offer recitals for Lakewood Parks and Recreation students.

Class Focus
Classes are focused on dance education and learning.